May 2019

  1. Talking modesty & style @withloveleena

    Talking modesty & style @withloveleena

    With an impressive 762k followers on Instagram, @withloveleena is one of the most popular modest & style fashion blogs on the internet.

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  2. Meet Umayma Abdul

    Meet Umayma Abdul

    Modest fashion is a way of expressing my style without compromising on my beliefs. It's taking inspiration from all places and adapting it so that I can feel confident, stylish in what I am wearing.

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  3. Behind the seams: Modesty at Inayah

    Behind the seams: Modesty at Inayah

    Have you wondered what goes into the creation of modesty clothing? We invite you to take a look into our design studio on how each Inayah piece is created..

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  4. Meet Ruhila Jalil

    Meet Ruhila Jalil

    Over the years my fashion sense has changed dramatically, but for the better. I feel right now at my most confident & empowered whilst exposing less skin.

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  5. Meet Dr Shaaira Nasir

    Meet Dr Shaaira Nasir

    Modest fashion is clothing that covers most of the body, revealing little skin. It tends to be loose fitting, flowy or layering of clothes and comfortable.

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  6. The Inayah Eid Edit 2019

    The Inayah Eid Edit 2019

    Ramadan and Eid are key celebrations for discerning women around the world looking to look glamorous and stay modest throughout the holy month and beyond.

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