Discover The Inayah Design Studio!

Have you ever wondered what really goes into the creation of premium modest clothing at Inayah? We're inviting you to take an exclusive look into our design studio. Sharing the wonderful story of creating each Inayah piece, before delivering straight to your door. We take pride to ensure every product designed has the highest level of attention to detail.

with a sketch - Modesty at Inayah

It all starts
with a sketch

Every Inayah piece has its own journey and is carefully designed in-house at our studio in the UK. Our design team work together to innovate every new idea. They develop the latest trends into modest-wear through detailed initial sketches.

Choosing the perfect fabrics - Modesty at Inayah

Choosing the perfect fabrics

The final sketches selected, begin to form the collections. With a type of fabric in mind for each piece, our team work together to select materials and embellishments that compliment the style to bring it to life.

Testing the pattern - Modesty at Inayah

Testing the pattern

To make sure a design translates from sketch to sample, testing every drape, seam, fold and stitch, with an initial paper pattern, before sampling the design in the fabric.

Evolving the embellishment - Modesty at Inayah

Evolving the embellishment

Once the silhouette has been perfected, then it is time to create the beading pattern, if the design is for a special occasion. For instance, choosing each bead, crystal and pearl to suit our signature colour palettes and every intricate motif embellished carefully to ensure the highest quality.

Perfecting a modest fit - Modesty at Inayah

Perfecting a modest fit

Every finished sample has been fitted and checked on the different size "fit models". This helps to ensure the garment hangs and fits correctly on the body and ensures total modesty. At this point, the team can make final changes to achieve the perfect piece.

Let production begin - Modesty at Inayah

Let production begin

Detailed technical instructions are sent to our expert manufacturers for final approved samples, then a limited run of production can begin. It's this attention to detail which helps us to deliver beautifully luxurious, modest garments with so much care taken from beginning to end.

Ready to launch - Modesty at Inayah

Ready to launch

To finish the whole process, the Inayah team style and photograph each new design. These are shot in-house at Inayah's photo studio, ready to launch online and on social media. Once online our new designs are available to order, then picked and posted straight to your door anywhere in the world!

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