1. Navy: The colour trend making waves for modest outfit ideas

    Navy: The colour trend making waves for modest outfit ideas

    Modest outfit ideas featuring navy can be an instant game changer.

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  2. Meet Tasnia Rahman

    Meet Tasnia Rahman

    Modest Fashion to me is clothing that women are blessed to wear no matter their shape, size, religion, race and faith.

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  3. Meet Dr Sara Chaudhrey

    Meet Dr Sara Chaudhrey

    For me, modest fashion means being able to dress in a way that makes me feel fashionable but compliments my religious and spiritual beliefs.

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  4. Meet Sophina Khan

    Meet Sophina Khan

    With the never-ending range of modest fashion, it enforces my love for modesty.

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  5. Meet Tanzum Chowdhury

    Meet Tanzum Chowdhury

    Modest fashion is a trend not only for Muslims but for everyone that likes to dress in a way where skin is not revealed yet is fashionable.

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  6. Meet Aliesha Nura

    Meet Aliesha Nura

    Modest fashion to me is comfort, elegance, and grace. It’s also urban, casual, sporty. That’s the beauty of it, it’s anything you want it to be.

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