"Modest fashion to me is comfort, elegance, and grace. It’s also urban, casual, sporty. That’s the beauty of it, it’s anything you want it to be.”


Meet Aliesha Nura

Name: Aliesha Nura
Profession: Team leader

What does modest fashion mean to you?:

Modest fashion to me is being able to express who you are and the values you follow side by side. So many situations ask if you’re either fashionable or modest, why can’t it be both? The western community can consider modesty being a simple black abaya. We have the power to change views just with their first impression of us. We have the power to follow a religion and be enthusiastic about fashion. The modest fashion industry is growing and spreading because so many women are only now being able to express themselves through their hijab, through their dresses or trainers even. This is what modest fashion is to me, a breakthrough, a step closer to the inner you, and an expression of your feelings!

How will you be celebrating Eid?

In my family, Eid is a very intimate celebration. We decorate the house in bunting and lights, we make our own homemade desserts and decorate a table, we gift each other gifts and talk about the significance behind the celebration. For Eid al Adha, for example, we quizzed all the kids on the stories of Prophet Ibrahim, my parents told their Hajj stories and we all ate a massive feast made by us all together.

For Eid al Fitr, we talk about how demanding our journey to Allah was during Ramadan, we talk about our appreciation for what we’ve learnt about ourselves and really reflect on how much we’ve done!, But we apply henna dress up and feast like never before! To us, it’s a day of celebrating each other as well as celebrating the deeper meanings behind them.