"Modest fashion means being able to dress fashionably but at the same time it compliments my religious and spiritual beliefs”

Sara Chaudrey on here spiritual beliefs

Name: Dr Sara Chaudhrey
Nationality: British Pakistani
Profession: Psychologist

What does modest fashion mean to you?:

For me, modest fashion means being able to dress in a way that makes me feel classy and fashionable but at the same time, it compliments my religious and spiritual beliefs.

Will you be celebrating Eid? If so tell us a little bit about how you’ll be celebrating.

Yes! We start the day with prayers and thanking God for everything we have. We then get dressed up and usually wear our prettiest outfits to greet all of our loved ones. This is followed by a big meal together and giving each other presents to celebrate what we have accomplished during Ramadan.

What do you love most about INAYAH?:

As a Muslim woman who works in a professional environment, it’s so important to me that I have the option of having clothes that are smart and trendy but modest at the same time – I feel as though Inayah’s workwear caters for this. I also love the neutral tone abayas, which I recently wore to pilgrimage

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