"With the never-ending range of modest fashion, it enforces my love for modesty.”

Modest fashion - Deep Turquoise Esita Cape dress

Name: Sophina Khan
Nationality: British born, North West frontier Pakistan / Afghanistan
Profession: Advanced Aesthetics Nurse & Influencer

What does modest fashion mean to you?:

I think for me personally its hugely important, as being raised with both Religion and Culture modesty has been something consistent throughout. I had struggled with it as a teenager and in my early 20's as I found there wasn’t a modest fashion market at all. Wearing a hijab meant the rest of my attire needed to reflect that. When I discovered Inayah I was thrilled as abayas for me (a mum of 5) are so easy to wear yet elegant and are so versatile. They can be dressed down as day wear and dressed up as evening wear for weddings etc. And now with the never-ending range of modest fashion, it enforces my love for modesty and the fact that monster brands also follow suit and offer modest wear. For me, this is huge as everyone who is a modest fashion lover knows how real the struggle WAS. 

Will you be celebrating Eid? If so tell us a little bit about how you’ll be celebrating.

Yes! We love CELEBRATING Eid. It’s the one time in the year where there's no work or commitments apart from family, food and lots of presents. It's so important to bring up our children knowing the importance of Eid. We will have a new outfit ready for ourselves and go to pray in congregation in the park and then spend half the day with my husband’s family and the evening with my family. It’s just such a relaxed day full of smiles and selfies of course.

What do you love most about INAYAH?:

I honestly love everything with the clothing. It just oozes class and elegance. Whenever friends or family or followers are looking for a black-tie dress for a professional event I always recommend Inayah as they're such elegant and modest pieces. There's no need to go and find a dress then hassle of finding a shrug or sleeves as high street dresses are mostly sleeveless.

I love the marketing campaigns it gives me so many wardrobe ideas and lookbook inspiration too.

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