“It doesn't specifically need to be attached to religion, it could also be personal preference.”


Name: Dr. Shaaira Nasir
Nationality: British Malaysian
Profession: Consultant Dermatologist

What does modest fashion mean to you?:

Modest fashion is clothing that covers most of the body, revealing little skin. It tends to be loose fitting, flowy or layering of clothes and comfortable.
It doesn't specifically need to be attached to religion, it could also be personal preference.

Will you be celebrating Eid? if so tell us a little bit about how you’ll be celebrating!:

Yes I will. I usually will prepare ahead for Eid by making a variety of homemade cookies during Ramadan. The day before Eid I would usually cook traditional Malaysian dishes with the Takbir playing in the background and will be singing to my childhood Eid songs as I grew up in Malaysia. I'd invite family and friends over for Eid the next day. I make sure my whole family get dressed up and we tend to have a theme every year, so our outfit colours will all match. We will spend the rest of the day visiting family and friends. I tend to get the kids excited for Eid by buying them presents and we will play with sparklers in the garden in the evening.


What do you love most about INAYAH?:

I love Inayah's designs. I feel it represents the modern Islamic female and is very feminine but bold at the same time. The clothes are very well tailored with attention to detail and high quality fabric. As a person who likes patterns and texture, I love how there is a lot of mixture between plain fabric, lace, embroidery and sequins. The wide range of clothes are suitable for everyday use, work and for special occasions.