“Style and modesty should
go hand in hand”

Name: Ruhila Jalil
Nationality: British Bengali
Profession: Hair and Makeup artist & Beauty Blogger

What does modest fashion mean to you?:

Modest fashion for me first and foremost means that I can portray myself as a “modest “ Muslim without having to expose skin.
And can feel both amazing and elegant by wearing the right attire. Style and modesty should go hand in hand.

Over the years my fashion sense has changed dramatically, but for the better. I feel right now at my most confident & empowered whilst exposing less skin.

One of the main reasons why my dress sense has changed is so that I can set an example for my son. I am a single parent so displaying to my son that women can be single, beautiful & independent whilst still being fashionable is important.

I think it’s true that women get disrespected for the way they dress whether it be verbally or physically but if we can eliminate that by such a simple thing as wearing the right clothes, why not?

I’m merely trying to eliminate the difficulties and frustrations that we as Muslims and non-Muslim who wish to dress modestly can face on a normal day out shopping.

Will you be celebrating Eid? If so tell us a little bit about how you’ll be celebrating.

Insha’Allah this Eid me and my son will be hosting Eid for the first time. This is an achievement in itself for me as previous to this I’ve not been able to accommodate family due to continuous house moves and smaller properties which made it difficult to accommodate my very large extended family Alhamdulillah.

For the first time in many years I feel a spiritual connection to my belief my Imaan has gotten stronger and I am enjoying celebrating my religion. We’ve decorated the house ready to welcome Ramadan Insha’Allah.

What do you love most about INAYAH?:

I love that Inayah is allowing us to be both modest and stylish at the same time empowering our confidence. Giving us access to a diverse modest brand that caters for everyone. I love that Inayah is showing us that Modest fashion doesn’t have to be sacrificial to be stylish.